Sunday, May 03, 2015


In the seemingly little spare time I have these days, I've been slowly building a portfolio website.  For a domain I bought a decade ago!  HA!  I organized my work, cut together a new animation reel, learned Adobe Muse for authoring, and I had to figure out all sorts of domain and hosting things.  A lot of little hurdles for someone who doesn't know a lick about this stuff.

The goal was to have a single, clear repository for my work to show employers or anyone that cares.  This blog is pretty rough around the edges and I can babble at length about things, so the site is more focused.  When we're hiring at work I can look at hundreds of portfolio sites and it all challenges me to think about navigation and clarity and and templates and originality, etc.  What would I like to do?  Retina screens and mobile development are other monkey wrenches to consider so in time I may like to do things differently, but for now, check it out and lemme know whatchya think.