Sunday, July 06, 2014

Wizard of Oz show

We have a Wizard of Oz themed show coming up at work and I recently finished framing my piece.  I'm not a big Wizard of Oz fan at all really, so it was actually a bit tricky for me to latch onto some sort of motivation.  I relied on process and decided to try something a bit different and it turned out more challenging than I thought, but still a pretty fun project.

So here's a teaser for now.  Maybe you can kinda infer what I did?  Maybe not?  :)

The show will be July 22nd at WMS Gaming (invite only) and I'll be leaving for San Diego ComiCon on the 23rd.  It's gonna be a busy couple weeks!

*** UPDATE ***

The weekend before the show, a bunch of us from work hung all the art work.  The walls ended up looking something like this for the opening on Tuesday night.  Everything looked great and the show went well.  These pics don't do a whole lot of justice, but we had artists from many different departments from around the globe submit their work.  Digital, traditional, sculptures, jewelry, mixed media.  Pretty cool to see.

And here's a few pics of my piece.  Some assembly required.  The process I employed involved printing layers (3 for each character) on clear acetate and mounting them with a matte in between.  The result is a subtle 3D/layered effect.  There was definitely some trial and error to get it to a satisfactory level, but I'd do it again now that I know a bit more.

And this was the flattened version.  I sold a couple of these at ComiCon.  Who'da thunk there'd be Oz fans amongst the legions of super friends ;p