Tuesday, May 27, 2014

fairytale process

Not too long ago I was commissioned by a friend to illustrate his daughters as characters they would be playing in an upcoming play.  It was a daunting assignment since I don't really do portraits/likenesses, but it was also a complete honor to be chosen from dozens of artist friends.

At work it's rare that an artist is selected for a project based on artistic strengths.  No one ever says, "I have an idea for a game and I want artist X to work on it."  The familiarity and recognition just isn't there save for the artists themselves.  Plus we're at the mercy of market trends and our competition. So to be tapped on the shoulder for a project based familiarity of my work is real treat.

And since I'm in the habit of wasting disk space with numerically numbered working files, I compiled another process GIF.  Enjoy!

final (delivered separately)

brush detail

simultaneous process action!

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