Sunday, April 13, 2014

Savage Dragon

I'm just gonna say it.  Image Comics was the best.

I'm not taking anything away from the Golden Age and all the iconic comic characters out there (where would any of us be without Spider-Man and Batman?), but I grew up in the 90s and the revolution that Image Comics started was incredibly powerful. And I was there to be part of it. To witness it. It was like, my Beatles or Woodstock. And I'm not sure anything will replace it for me in my life time.

Look it up if you don't know anything about Image Comics and its founders.

Now I wish I could say I am still enamored with comic books as I was when I was growing up. But I kinda grew out of them. I didn't grow up - I just grew out of comics. For a handful of years in high school and college, I thought I was gonna be a comic illustrator. When my love of the medium shifted to animation, it just seemed like there wasn't enough room for both. Or maybe that's all a nice way of saying "I couldn't hack it." heh heh.

Savage Dragon was one of the premiere comics from Image and it made a BIG impact on me. And Erik Larsen still writes and draws it today. Endless respect for that. I had a recent issue lying on my kitchen counter and I was inspired by the animation of Robin Davey so I made this little run cycle of ol' fin-head. Amongst some other Dragon doodles. Enjoy :)


Jeremy Rumas said...

This is awesome!!!! Love the Savage Dragon design and animation. Man, you bring back some memories with this write up. When Image surfaced, my brother and I were blown away by the art and coloring. My favorite book/issue was Pitt #1, and it took forever for #2 to come out, and it wasn't as good as #1. Around this time, Rob Liefeld and Jim Lee along with maybe a couple other Image artists stopped at our local comic shop, Highland Card & Comic, for a signing. They came there in an actual tour bus! There was a line of kids and adults down the block waiting for their arrival. It all had a rock star type feel to it. It was so awesome. I showed them some of my drawings and got some books signed. And they were really cool and friendly and encouraging too.

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