Tuesday, December 03, 2013

the Proletariat!

The team at work (Ancalinar and Drew) was talking about Russian-themed superheroes.  This is what came out of it for me:

Sometimes I think I'm more of a decision maker than an artist! - heheh

Oh yeah - so this guy smashes the bad guys with some sorta glowing/fiery hammers that are chained to his forearms.  Bound to deliver punishing justice for all eternity.  I kinda imagined him smashing his own anvil head as some sorta shockwave super move.  Or maybe that's how he'd boost his adrenaline?  Don't worry - he's wearing briefs under that apron...

Things I learned about Photoshop CS6:

- It has timeline-like animation capabilities that are unintuitive and lackluster if you work in After Effects or Flash regularly.  Not really new news, I try to use it to make quick GIFs, but I always seem to want to do something simple like adjusting the timing for each "frame" and it's baffling to me every time.

- Photoshop CS6 still can't edit the radius of a rounded rectangle.  But apparently Phtoshop CC finally can.

- Photoshop CS6 can do 3D a lot easier now, but not for me because the built-in video card drivers in Mavericks doesn't support Mavericks.  No no, I said that right.  Apparently it's a problem for Nvidia and Apple to sort out according to my research.  Or I could buy a new video card/computer...