Saturday, August 03, 2013


I'm a little late following up here, but the Con was great.  Thanks to everyone that came by our table!  There were a lotta new faces and some repeat visitors!  Regardless of who, it's always great to talk to people.  To say "hi" and hear a little bit about other peoples' interests.  Often times I'll ask people that are buying something from me, what they like about it.  The content?  The art?  What are you gonna do with it?  Frame it?  Burn it? - heh heh.  Personally I'm attracted to all types of art.  Good and bad.  Complex and simple.  Anything that makes me pause and look longer or think.  So for someone to single my art out and recognize it - it's a great honor and so I hafta ask questions :)

There was one individual that bought a print of my character "Bloodfist".  I only had one because it was ridiculous and largely black and white to test the ink contrast.  He was a silly, over the top, comic book "hero", in the vein of Rob Liefeld-type characters, that I drew in Jr. High School.  So this gentleman asked about Bloodfist and wanted to know more.  I was embarrassed to share and explain that he beat the bad guys to a bloody pulp.  Thus his name.  And that I couldn't draw faces so I just gave him a mysterious blank face.  And I was shocked that this guy wanted to buy it.  When I asked why he said, "Because I get it.  I used to draw the same sorta things and make up the same sorta characters."

And THAT is PRECISELY what comic con is about for me.