Monday, January 07, 2013

Total Recall

Total Recall is one of my top ten movies and when the remake of Total Recall came in theaters I was pretty excited.  I wanted to see it but the reviews were low and no one I knew really wanted to see it.  To satisfy my craving I re-watched the original and spit out these doodles here.

UPDATE: apparently there is some sorta size limit to blogger's images.  I tried being all cute with a very vertical image here, figuring I'd be able to open it in a new window and scroll down to see it all, but I can't seem to do that.  Upon upload it seems to automatically scale it down to something more acceptable.  

Some of the best faces in the movie are in the beginning before we even see any all the mutants.  Schwarzenegger alone is enough to do your thesis on.  Even when he's not making a face, he's making a face.  There's also a great scene where Quaid's wife (played by Sharon Stone) runs a gamut of faces and throws a hissy-fit with her hubby for having a dream a brunette woman.

I rented the remake recently and I can't say it was horrible, though it was more like an interesting study to see what they changed and/or what they paid homage to.

Now I'm not completely insane.  I know Total Recall with Arnold Schwarzenegger isn't exactly a master piece.  It's damn near goofy even for science fiction.  And that's partially why I love it.  With that said, and without spoiling the remake, the original does do one thing much better: on Mars they show the civilians and mutants and establish the rebel forces fighting for air.  You get a sense of these people on this planet.  The mother and daughter mind readers, the "tiny dancer", the resistance fighter that helps them escape, Benny the cab driver, heck even Johnny cab, Mileena herself, Kuato (and host), and of course who could forget the 3-boobed wonder.  That cluster of characters and their fight for clean air seemed appropriate and necessary actually.  The "good guys" get some screen time and Quaid is supposed to help them.  In the new movie things are updated differently, and that's fine, but I never got the same sense of who the "good guys" were very much at all.

If you're a fan you should check it out if only for all the mental comparisons.