Friday, January 04, 2013

G1988 "Under the Influence: Woody Allen"

Over the holiday break I finished up this piece for a Woody Allen tribute show that opens on January 11th.  This one is for Gallery 1988 at their Venice location this time.  Check it out if you're in the area.  The Apatow seemed like fun and featured a lotta unique artists.  Now this time around I wouldn't exactly say I'm a Woody Allen fan, but I do own a couple of his newer films and I've appreciated his attention to characters and relationships.  So it wasn't too hard to get inspired.  "Vicky Christina Barcelona" is probably a lesser known film of his, but it revolves around a trio of lovers two of which are passionate artists, one of which is a wannabe, so I always thought it was interesting just based on that.  Though you'd hafta to watch it to see how complicated things really get.

This was an interesting project in that it was entirely digital - which isn't a big deal these days, but I've personally always done a certain amount of sketching on paper before I scan and start to work in the computer.  I think I'll always enjoy thinking and sketching in the real world, but man it's pretty freeing to be entirely digital.  I typically use an animation table and do a good amount of doodling, and layering, and tracing back, and taping together a sketch that I feel confident taking into the computer to clean up and color.  And don't forget the scanning.  Even though my process might still be the same in the computer, the woes of the real world kinda go away and I instantly feel...more efficient.

The key ingredient to all this is the Cintiq.  I've never felt completely comfortable working with a tablet in the concept stages of a drawing.  Clean up, painting, animation - all fine once the trusted groundwork is laid by hand, but I always figured that a tablet, even a large one, would influence my sketches since strokes are being interpreted from something that is less than actual size.  Or perhaps more simply, the tablet never felt quite right.  Whatever the case, the Cintiq is a dream for dispelling any of those disconnections with the added joys of not having to scan.

Anyway - hope ya dig!  I'm curious to see what other films get attention at the show!