Saturday, December 08, 2012

G1988 tribute to Judd Apatow

Gallery 1988 is putting on show (right now!) that pays tribute to Judd Apatow and all his movies and they invited me to submit a piece.  Fortunately Anchorman is one of favorite flicks and I already had created an image of the news team, so I made a few tweaks/updates and printed a limited run just for the show.  I worked remotely with a company called Static Medium in LA who were very accommodating as I was short on time.

Here's a link to my piece on G1988's site:

Always neat to be apart of projects like this.  So many interesting artists and directions to go.  Here's a brief breakdown of how this image has changed over time:

1) A palette-restriction-challenge-type meme from DeviantArt.  8 or so colors - I think?  I left out a few of the swatches.  I think I have an older post covering this.

2) For Sand Diego ComiCon I made some updates thinking that some of the unusual flesh colors (a green Ron Burgandy?) wouldn't make a whole lotta sense to the fans.  I also changed Veronica's eyes, and the overall size of the characters. Anchorman is pretty popular so these sold out in the first couple days of the con.

3) For G1988 I put some washes of color (and subtle texture though you can't see it here) over the whole image to push back the stark contrast just a bit.  I also removed a crooked little "nose wrinkle" on the far side of Ron's face.  Added a subtle white offset outline.  Added a few other gradients/shading here and there.  I'm not planning to do another run of these prints - when they're gone, they're gone.