Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Zombie Development!

No time to rest!  I just got back from the Con, which was loads of fun, and today I took a peek at some of the characters that are getting put together for the Exquisite Corpse show next month.  It looks pretty stellar!

So I figure, why not another string of pics about process!  I'll leave the final art reveal for the actual show, but I'll show off a good amount here.  Enjoy!

Doodles of sorts.  One idea I was sticking with early on, was having a hole through the zombie's head, both front and back. T-1000 style.  I shied away from it though, figuring the intricate hole cutting would be tricky to do.  I still like the exposed brain idea.  And the "zombie chef" woulda been fun too. Something clicked when I drew the big-eyed kid character though.  I liked his face and I drew him again.  Started coming up with names.  So that's where I landed.

We were given a couple templates to use as a starting point and this scribbly mess represents the ideas and layout I was planning for.  I opted to keep the arms as art on his body, which allowed for a unique pose of sorts, and ample room to make some stabbing instruments/accessories.

The next step was digital inks.  Flash is my best friend for laying down some crisp, vector lines.  The color of everything here is temp.  Just enough work to get the sense of line weight and detail.

I started printing some art to take to the con so it was a good time to do a test run of what I had so far.  It was important for me to see the line work and the proportions of everything in the real world.  Was anything too big or small or thick or thin?  It was also a test to see how difficult it would be to cut out the pieces.  The corkscrew was the trickiest, but what toy doesn't require some adult supervision? :) I did need to make an adjustment with the incision in the side of his head, but other than than, I think everything came together well.

Back to the drawing table to add the color.  These were my flats from Flash.  I continued painting and adjusting many things in Photoshop from here.  And allow me to share an important lesson with you all:

SAVE your MASTER photoshop file often!

You see, I was painting the head piece in it's own smart object (smart right?) and saving like a fiend.  But when Photoshop crashed on me, it didn't retain my work because I wasn't saving the master .PSD.  I was saving the .PSB file (smart object) that I was working inside of for the head.  On a PC, I've been able to salvage the temp file, but on a Mac, after an hour of internet seraching, I deemed it hopeless.  Plus too, when it crashed, I happily re-launched PS thinking I only lost 15 minutes of work or so, but by relaunching PS you also empty the temp directory.  Wherever that is on the Mac.  * sigh * But, it all came together in the end, and I kinda think I made some minor improvements along the way.

That's all for now!  I'm looking forward to the exhibit!  I'll post some pics from the opening!  August 17th!

A BIG "thanks" to Adam and Lindsay for inviting me and organizing the whole shebang!  True professionals!

August 17th 7-10pm
Hosted by Light Grey Art Lab
118 E. 26th St. #101
Minneapolis PLS, MN 55404


Tom said...

"SAVE your MASTER photoshop file often!"

I know that feeling...

K.B. said...

This looks neato. will this be on display assembled and then people can buy the cut outs?

As far as "smart objects" I like using them, but i have had a few instances where the link to the smart object gets broken and the smart object becomes its own file project. Not sure how that happened, but dangerous all the same.i save both often.

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