Sunday, February 05, 2012


An-uh-ma-shun! ...of some sort! Check out the .SWF on my DA page:

I really just wanted to scribble some poses to this dude's voice. A while back, Nebriniel linked me to this guy (Duke) who has posted several recordings of his voice - perfect for cartoons/characters. And I had a hankerin' for some sorta 10 second club type challenge so away I went.

I can't really explain it visually. I sorta imagined the lead guy as some sorta "Wendy's fanboy" -- mainly just because he uses the name "Wendy" at one point. And it sounds like he's talking to another character so I plopped in the motionless gum chewer. Are they in line at a restaurant? A club? Is he a REAL redhead? Who knows. Poses first. Questions later

Duke was kind enough to let me use his voice and post it up here for all three of you to listen to. Check out his own wares up HERE


Tang00range said...

nice to see you dude BTW will thought faucet be coming back they had some brilliant artists on there

boob said...

Hey thanks -- mystery friend of orange!

I'd love to bring Thought Faucet back! I've thought about it numerous times, but I can't do it without my buddy Marshall. He is being wisked away to a fanciful dreamland called San Francisco, but believe me - it's crossed our minds :)