Sunday, February 05, 2012

caffeinated doodles

Truth be told (now where did I pick up that phrase...) I ain't so good at drawing on the spot. It's hard to turn down some good ol' fashion, anti-social fun though!

So here's some random doodles from a Friday night drink 'n' draw at the local bar.

A couple Grahams, a couple Enriques, a Zeus, a couple superhero pompadour dudes, one guy that really does know kung fu (who asked if anyone was drawing him which I suspiciously blurted out "NO.") a dude in a turtleneck and glasses, and me with some sorta sissified hands-on-hips pose.

The black lines were added in post. Photoshop.

3nrique had some stellar characitures during the night too. A Frankel face ya just wanted to frame on your wall XD