Sunday, January 29, 2012

SNES pixel-bit

Embarrassingly, I slaved over this tiny SNES deck for an hour or so. Ha! Do NOT underestimate the raw POWER that a single pixel can possess!

I plucked some inspiration from my friend Marshall who created "An Abridged History of Game Controllers" out of pixels:

Brilliant! I think it's amazing how well everyone of them completely works. All those different controller shapes and button layouts all completely work within the confines of some tiny squares.

And so seeing these just made me want to build a deck for my favorite game system: the SNES.

There is something innately satisfying about creating pixel art: When pixels are your medium, the "right" and "wrong" decisions you make in art become a lot more clear. Say, compared to a drawing or a painting. ONE pixel can make or break it. The appeal is somewhat mechanical. And even if it ain't perfect, you know the artist had to at LEAST consider each pixel. Thought literally goes into every square. Compared again to a drawing or painting where stray lines and happy accidents can be part of the process and the overall look.

And of course, there's a whole lotta nostalgia that comes with anything made of pixels. * sigh * I miss the nearly-forgotten days when hard earned allowances were spent on $50 cartridges that held a few precious megs of homework-delaying wonderment XD