Monday, July 11, 2011

Mega Man on my wall

...that last post reminds me:

It's done. No other game deserves to be immortalized on my wall in legos more than Mega Man 2 on the original NES. I broke my NES playing this game so much. When blowing in the cart wasn't doing the trick any more, my mom had to mail my NES to NOA (Nintendo of America) and they had to fix it. The wait was unbearable. I musta asked every day if it showed up yet when I was picked up from school. There was much rejoicing on the day when the mailman returned my NES and Mega Man 2 fully restored.


Jeremy Rumas said...


Bob Renzas said...

Dat's cool.

Mud! said...

Dude, that's just sick. Did you have legos on hand or did you have to purchase them specifically for this project? Did you lay it out on screen first, pixel by pixel? Nice job. I'm super impressed!