Sunday, May 08, 2011

Mega Man tribute!

I made it into Udon's Mega Man Tribute book this year! They posted a list of all the accepted artists on Deviant Art:
I recognize a couple names in here and I don't doubt this is gonna be another great collection of work. Lookin' forward to gorging my eyeballs on 300 full-color pages of MEGA art.

I'm pretty stoked for two reasons:
1) Mega Man 2 is probably my all time favorite game
2) I went out on a limb and actually tried to paint something with oil bars. Real traditional media that I had to walk into an art store and buy. I still had to fall back on Photoshop for some touch ups, but it was a new process.

They asked the artists not to post their work until the book launches at San Diego ComiCon this summer BUT...

Here's a second image I submitted that was rejected. I might have posted this up here before, but this is an image of a 5ft x 5ft Mega Man mural, made out of legos, that I'm soon to mount on my living room wall. A reproduction of the level select screen from Mega Man 2. I sure woulda liked it if this one got chosen for the book, but I was skeptical from the start. A picture of a mural just doesn't have the same effect as seeing it in person. And I had no idea how to present it for a book, so I didn't take the rejection too hard. Enjoy!

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