Sunday, May 08, 2011

Dear Flash,

I need to come clean. I'm finding it harder and harder to be exclusive with you for character animation. I need to explore other options, and frankly, we're both growing in different directions. It's not you really, it's just that I haven't agreed with some of your animation “features” over the last couple years. Your bone system and spring algorithms and all your run-time enablers certainly are…interesting, but you didn't even ask me what I thought. *sigh* I'm sure you'll attract someone very technical and compile some beautiful code libraries someday. Please don't take this the wrong way - I still want to be friends. I just need some space. And please don't get upset if you see me hanging around After Effects. Sure, her shape tweens are completely stable and her parenting is an alternative to nesting symbols, but she’s still a tool. Your eases always did make more sense to me.

Friends for life,


Ah, much better. She’ll be fine. So here's a project I was experimenting with in After Effects. I couldn’t get it to run smooth on my machine even when it was copied down locally so it might not run depending on your specs. My goal was to attempt some lip sync with animated masks at 60fps. To build a character head similar to how I might in Flash, and work out some of the set up exclusively in AE. Some things worked, some stuff didn't, 60 is harder than I thought. In fact, after the YouTube compression I don't think it's running at 60 any more. The ball bounce at 30 and 60 look the same to me.

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Chocolate Extacy said...

LOL thats pretty sick man! You will always be my flash guru! Hope all is well!