Monday, November 15, 2010

Home-built IG-88

For Dave's birthday I made him an IG-88. Now he has his very own robo IG paperweight!

I've been drained creatively lately so I took this opportunity to spend some time making something. Dave's a big Star Wars fan and I had a few key parts lying around the house that reminded me specifically of IG-88. Toggle bolt feet and a tapered wire nut for his head sprang to mind first. I had a small box of random screws and bits and a trip to the hardware store bridged the gaps. Kind of ridiculous aimlessly walking up and down the isles of Home Depot with a print out of IG-88 looking for something that could work as his pelvis... It was either this or a macaroni portrait of Bossk which crossed my mind after a trip to Whole Foods. I figured an IG statue was slightly less embarrassing.

I didn't get a picture of it, but I made a second smaller gun and included two extra arms in the package as accessories. His arms are bent wire positioned to hold his long-barrel rifle across his chest, but since they're wire, they can technically be re-positioned. The extra pair of arms are straight and fresh for bending.

I also included a tiny dog-tag. I stamped "IG-88" with a punch set on some thin sheet metal and wired it around his neck. It's not really part of IG, but I figured it would help identify him.

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