Sunday, September 05, 2010

Marooned 2!

I was pretty happy to find some time this weekend to finish up these illustrations for Tom Dell'Aringa's latest MAROONED book project. It might not see print until the spring, but I figured it can't hurt to post 'em since my blog isn't exactly swarmed with gawkers :) Check out proficiency in motion over at He updates twice a week with a new strip! Which I still think is impossible since I know how his day job can be. Thanks again for including me Tom!

I basically just wanted to stick with a few character that inspired me to "re-imagine" them in some way. Tried to vary the styles and challenge myself in some ways.

In my apparently ever-lasting analysis of art process, I'm going to post some sketches and insights next!


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Thanks a ton, again Bob! As usual, amazing work. Love the process stuff too! Lots to learn from you!