Sunday, June 20, 2010


This was a logo I did real quick for a friend a while back. He was making an experimental, techno music-generating application and wanted a graphic Mantis head for the mascot. The precise direction was "cute, but violent" and he referenced a Dunny toy that had sharp teeth and a bit of blood. I like the top one here best, but I left the vector files with him to do what he wanted.

Nothin' really worth going into detail about. This was a night I came home from work and still had a little creativity left in me but didn't want to start in on a more elaborate project. I checked me e-mail and there was this project I could knock out in the few hours I had before beddy bye. I rarely take on freelance work (especially for free) but this was just the thing to satisfy me at the time.

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Andrew Satz said...

Hey Bob,

Really like the work you're doing, especially as it relates to a mantis. I's like to hire you to do a logo. Can you please contact me?