Saturday, August 29, 2009

Boxcutter Showdown!

Just before San Diego my buddy Sean sent a new script on me for his graphic novel project, Boxcutter Showdown. I did some concepts before so the new story got me to doodle a few characters I,

I couldn't choose between the subtle differences in the above image.


ANTONIO said...

Cool design!

Jav said...

Very cool Bob-o.
Im torn between the 2 as well... I like how black pops though.
You actually plan on penciling this thing or r u just supplying concepts?

boob said...

Yeah, I lean towards the black for poppiness' sake too. Much of the time everything carries the same weight with me so it's hard to know if color, readability, pose, design, should be more important.

Sean and I haven't really talked about me actually doing work on it. I'm happy to help Sean with some visual ideas. I kinda just butted in sayin, "hey I like these characters! Look!"

Hypothetically, I would need to feel real comfortable with the characters and the drawing style to actually pencil pages. And I don't know how that's possible when I'm not comfortable with anything I do :)

DJ Smack Mackey said...

You are welcome to butt in any time with your ideas, Bob.

crylic said...

Sweet! It's been a while. Stuff is as solid as ever, Mr. B!