Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Darkstalkers tribute book!

In other news, Udon studio is putting together another tribute book like they did for Street Fighter last year. A collection of artists from around the world and their interpretations of Capcom's characters. This time around, they're celebrating Capcom's Darkstalkers license. I felt like a heel for missing the Street Fighter deadline, so I couldn't let this one slip away.

Read up on their site and check out the list of winning aritsts:

I can't share much, but I am plenty excited to be accepted into the book! I believe it premieres at the various summer conventions, and goes on sale officially in the fall.

Here's a few doodles when I was trying to decide which character to draw. I coulda went with any of them - they all have their strong points visually. Maybe I drew Lord Raptor or Victor or Sasquatch, or ...maybe not... If I remember, I'll try to post the final image once it sees print. Seems someone's foot really gave me a problem :)


Greg said...

Congrats! I am really looking forward to seeing your winning submission and the book, hopefully at the San Diego ComicCon.

Katie said...

ha ha ha, drawing feet is such a pain in the ass!! These are funny though! :D