Monday, September 08, 2008

Though Faucet - Link Redesign

Here's a string of sketches where ya can kinda see some of the thought process I was having with these Link redesigns.

I had the idea cookin' to draw up something in very limited 3D fashion - like Link stepped right out of the 1984 Dire Straits music video "Money for Nothing".  But as soon as I started drawing, the geometry, the facets, the horrible look - just wasn't any fun.

Then I turned to some rubber hose style animation of the 1930s. That could be cool for Link. Along the way, I came across a UPA-ish looking Dennis the Menace type character and thought that would be a neat contrast to the spaz I was dreaming up in the other style.

And here's where the two paths ended up


crylic said...

Hah, nice man. I love the bottom one..."I am independant"...brilliant, haha.

Biocreep said...

Hey Bob! These are great dude! I love seeing the explorations, and the finish are super solid.


Great looking Linkage man. Liking the Second one A whole lot.


Flo said...

Yes independent
see you from Italy

TURCIOS. said...

fantástico estilo.saludos