Wednesday, July 30, 2008

post SDCC '08

A big THANKS to all for leaving comments last post and for stopping by at the table this year! It was a blast. Met a lotta great artists and people. I'll be updating my links soon. We sold out of our supply of books and prints and the buttons were nearly gone too. We shut down Saturday night and took the day Sunday to walk the con ourselves. I get the most enjoyment talking to the people buying our book so it's hard to leave the table even for a few minutes. I always feel flattered when someone buys my art and I want to know where it's going and who will see it. Some are gifts, others are students soaking it all up, collectors, other professinals, scouts looking for new talent, all types of folks. The first woman who bought our book was a real friendly teacher who plans on sharing our work with her students. It was the best way to start the convention with the hopes of directly inspiring some future artists perhaps. I think Dave snapped her picture. Maybe he'll post it. But overall it was a great time. We got to meet up with Steve and Sue, Robin, and a slew of awesome artists I only get to see at this annual gathering of nerds. You know who you are... :)

Here's the panel of button sets we rigged up. 5 different sets of 8 buttons each based off our art from the book. A deal if you ask me. I lost feeling in one of my fingers cutting out these buttons!

And here's a clean image of the Deathproof prints I was selling. Some of the best compliments I got were that they didn't even know the movie, they just thought the art was sharp. And people who did know of the movie were fans and so it felt good just to share similar interests.

Thanks again to all our visitors and surrounding table-mates. It's always been a positive experience that I hope we can continue next year!

In closing, I'll leave you with this menagerie of costumed Jokers:


Greg said...

It was great seeing you and Dave again at the Con! Was very glad to hear you sold out of your books and were able to walk around a bit. And where is the creepiest Joker picture of all, the one in the straight jacket! That dude creeped me out when I saw him walking the aisles. BTW, the green DeathProof print is awesome!

Dave Pryor said...

It was definitely a fun first experience for me from the back side of the table selling books. You're right Bob, the interaction with people is the best part, and the teacher we met started everything off right. Kind of like your own teacher giving you a grade - I felt like we passed. :)

Kevin Barber said...

Hey duooode. I bought your book at comic con and there was a mouse in it. Can i get a refund? The mouse had rabies.Uncool.

Frosty said...

Love the prints! Great work!

- Josh