Friday, December 21, 2007

once dead, now alive

Merry Christmas everybody! Nothing says Christmas to me like a black man and his HO...ho ho!

This is an illustration I did for a friend (Rodimus Love-a-lot) who's pitching a project centered around "Mr. Smooth" here. These characters will be modeled in 3D so I have a few general notes around them. I did a couple turn-a-round sheets too. I really enjoy character design and while my arch enemy is 3D, I do still like to imagine how characters would look in 3D. It's a visual challenge and a fun mental long as no one's trying to make ME weld the vertices... Whenever I supply model sheets, I have to stress that it's not set in stone - not everything is figured out dimensionally on paper. If it was, I think you'd lose a lot of the 2D design. I have plenty of ideas of how it might work, and I draw it too look good in a few positions, but someone's gotta fill the "Z" gaps. A talented modeler can identify the "feel" and what makes something appealing. Maybe the hands are too curvy and loose on the girl here but you get what I'm aiming for. Someone who really understands 3D can interpret that better than I can draw it for them in a way that I only THINK could work in z-space. If that makes sense...

Bridging the 2D/3D gap has always been a collaborative process for me in the past and that's probably what I enjoy about even aiding the "dark side" :)

One thing I that kinda irked me was how much the girl turned out looking like a Chris Sanders' girl. I was trying to give her an exotic black look so I spaced the eyes farther apart, slanted them a bit, short wide nose, big mouth - not really thinking and presto, it looks like an adult Lilo. Doesn't feel as original as it could have been but Sanders' girls are certainly appealing.

I also took it upon myself to try a different coloring technique in Photoshop for this image. Kevin Barber shared some tutorials with me so thanks for that Kev. I only used Flash for the linework. I was certainly clumsy trying to emphasize a process rather than worry about my brushes and tools. I needed to learn something and apply it my way. Fun stuff and the work motivated me.

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Kevin Barber said...

Thanks for the mention Bob. Those bits you got from the tutorials are very effective in this peice. You didn't overuse the technique. Nice and subtle.