Thursday, August 09, 2007


It's here! Dave and I just started selling our book online complete with it's own blog! It's basically a callaborated collection of our work over the last year or so and something I'm really happy with. Check out some pics and get the whole scoop here:


Pick yours up today!


Gnarfdeath said...

awesome!!! I can't wait for it to grace my eyes, page by page!!

crylic said...

fricken sweet dude. ill be getting one fore shore!

Tal Rachmin said...

your style rocks
ill come visit more :D

Gnarfdeath said...

Hey, hey!! I got your book a few days ago!! It's nothing short of spectacular!! I love the progress sketches and all the info on the finished pieces! Well done! I'll send you another copy of my book so you and Dave won't have to share!!

Biocreep said...

Looks awesome man! Can't wait to check it out

Ken said...


your work is very cool, love your characters

will be back for more!

Sethdr said...

Got my book in the mail yesterday and it looks fantastic! Great work!

I'm going to send you another one of my sketchbooks so you can give one to Dave.

Thanks again for the trade!


Kevin Barber said...

Love the new color stylings on this blog.

boob said...

Hey guys - thanks so much for your support!

Again, thanks for the trades Gnarfdeath and Seth. Great work and I love getting things in the mail other than bills!

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I'm glad ya dig the new color scheme Kev.


femmezorro said...

Bob! I want some of your work on my walls!!!! Mark your calendar-- Oct. 27th you know where. Villain themed this time.