Wednesday, July 11, 2007

San Diego!

Hoo Ha! It's that time ladies and gentlemen!

Table F5 in with the other artists in the exhibitor's area. I'll be sharing a table with Javier Guzman so keep yer eyes peeled for us! Not only that, but much of the Chicago gang is returning! Check out this collection of talent that'll be yuckin' it up and selling their goods:

Dave Pryor
Javier Guzman
Bruno Werneck
Daryl Young
Sam Aquino
Ryan Summers
Kevin Barber
Robin Mitchell

To top it off, I'm super excited to be teaming up with my good friend Dave Pryor on a new artbook this year! It's titled "Inner Workings" and we've tried to offer something a bit more unique in the way of sketchbooks. The left sided pages show sketches and doodles and a bit of text from each of us talking about the development that lead up to the "final image" which is printed on the right. I really like seeing/reading about the mental process behind every artist's work and this was our chance to present a little of that here.

Printing is wrapping up as I type this. I've upped the quality from my book last year and now we're looking at 96 full color pages at 6"x9" with a hardcover. The proof looked fantastic so needless to say I'm excited.

I am a little nervous at how people might take to it though. Are people really interested in development and ideas? Especially when so many doodles are very VERY rough? Will people even want to read what we have to say? There's not a lot of superheroes or sexy girls in here. I just hope people can enjoy it. I'm really looking forward to talking to people and getting their reaction.

So I posed the question last year, and I'll do it again this year:
What do you think is a fair price for something like this? I'd be interested to hear from anyone else out there.

Check out the cover and the first few pages featuring some He-Man favs:

I really really owe it to the the whole gang for being as dedicated as we are. It makes a lot of the stress and planning melt away when ya gots the posse at your back. Like one big semi-functional family!


DJ Smack Mackey said...

Oh man, I've been spending too much time on AICN.
I hope you're saving a copy for me!
by the way, my application for membership to OAC was never approved. That's why AVP never went up.

Kevin Barber said...


This is a top notch "ART BOOK."(As opposed to a sketchbook.) I for one love seeing and reading about the genesis of works through to the finish. With the one 2 punch of fantastic artists like Bob and Dave , the classy layout and approach, the look inside their processes, and the full HARDCOVER 96 page full color extravaganza,...IT'S A STEAL at whatever you decide to charge.

Scott Wright said...

Great looking stuff.

I'll swing by and visit your booth...once again wicked!

Jeff Williams said...

Eff, Bob. When do I get to buy one?

Don't get stingy on me.

Richard Gaines said...

Really wonderful character design sketches. I especially think the cover to your book with all the crazy gears and stuff is brilliant!!

I'll be coming to Comicon on Saturday and Sunday, so I hope to see you there! I'm really excited to finally visit, and I hope we can get togther.

All the best.

Alina Chau said...


sarah said...

Hey Bob! Thanks for the comment! I probably did run into last year at the comic-con. :) We'll have to say hello again this year. I'll be helping out at the Flight booth.

You have great work by way.


Greg said...

Awesome Bob! Looking forward to seeing you and the gang at the Con this year. As for what to charge for the book, there are going to be a slew of hardcover art books this year that are 48 pages and selling for $25 each and you can view them here... Bill Presing is going to have a 96 page hard cover book that he is selling for $25. Sadly the higher quality books means I will be coming home with less.

Gary Ham said...

Great book guys!!! Way to take it to the next level!!! Sheeesh! Show off! lol

As for price. It's really hard to say. Like Greg mentioned the con is becoming over saturated with books now and especially the high cost well printed kind. The $10 kinko books seem to be no more. Which is awesome that books are now in color and so thought out and hardcover even! I'd probably price at $25. That's a good number and shouldn't scare off too many. But with the price books are getting at now, I think the typical comic con goer won't be able to afford all the books they really want, so keep it reasonable to keep yourselves ahead of the pack.

Gary Ham said...
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Don Does Dallas! said...

Great stuff! You two guys are like the dynamic duo! Love that cover!


Zorilita said...

It was great chatting with you last year.I'll have to pop by again this time =)!

Joseph Merideth said...

it's a bute boob!...very best of luck out there with the book...lemme know how i can get my hands on a copy

ps..wasn't preacy at all! was much appreciated

bruno werneck said...


Mukpuddy said...

Wow awesome blog dude!! Your stuff is really inspirational, we're 4 dudes running a studio down in New Zealand and are making the trip to San Diego this year also, so we'll definitely be grabbing copies of all your guys stuff!!

Also saw your little "2D vs 3D" animation and had to say your a man after our own hearts!!! You might dig the shirt we're selling at our cafepress store

benjatoon! said...

nice sketches man!

Momo Strong said...

I hope you guys are doing awesomely and having fun at the Con! See you when you get back.

Joe_O said...

Wow. Windy City Represent! You guys rock. Are any of you going to APE? I gotta pick up your books.


Man you have some sweet He Man villian's here.



justinpatrickparpan said...

Bob, the same goes for you and Dave, it was awesome meeting you guys at the Con! I'm only sorry we didn't get a chance to talk more...maybe next year, right? I asked Dave if I could see a copy of his short film and unfortunately he's going to make me wait for the festival circuit. I guess that's what I get for being to damn busy!

You guys are two seriously talented gents and hopefully we'll meet again someday,


Sethdr said...

Great work! Thanks for the kind words. I'd love to trade books with ya!

boob said...

Let's see I can wrap up this post by commenting to everyone:

Smack Mackey -
Gotta copy saved for ya. Don't worry 'bout OAC. It has sorta melted away.

Kevin - Glad you enjoy the book and thanks for the hard sell :)

Scott - Thanks man. I missed ya at the con but if yer up for a book trade lemme know.

Jeff - let's! Get 'em while they're hot Jeff! I still gots one with your name on it buddy.

Richard - Thanks Rich. It was good to meet you too. Hope you made it out of the con alive :)

Alina - You're words are always welcome. Thanks much!

Sarah - Thanks. I was on the move with my buddy Dave but he stopped by the flight booth to say "hi".

Greg and Gary - thanks for your help on pricing our book. In the end, it means more to use to get them in people's hands to enjoy the work. We probably could have gone as high as $20 but unfortunately since we didn't have our books in time, most of our sales should come from online. If there's anything I'm learning it's that there's no profit to be had really - especially coming out from Chicago. Oh, and I totally dig the keychains this year Gary! Now THAT'S the next level!

Don - Thanks man! Several people really like the cover which is a bit of a surprise to me. Dave and I split the work on the cover too and I really think it's sharp lookin' but I kinda thought it would be bit abstract for most people. Those characters don't represent us, it's limited colors, gears floating in space - I dunno. So it's a nice surprise that people dig it!

Zorilita - Again we meet! With bound book of your own! Hope you enjoyed yourself and that you were able to share and talk with some artists.

Joe - Thanks much Joe! I gots the PayPal buttons working on the right side of the blog or ya can drop me an e-mail.

Bruno - I love the new format :) Thanks a bunch man. You owe me a Silver Surfer...

The Muks - Hey I missed you guys but Javier nabbed one of your books for me. I sent one of our books off to New Zealand to finish the trade. Hopefully it arrived alright and you'll get an eyefull after your tour!

Benjatoon - thanks man - ditto!

Momo - Oh the con went as well as it could without books. Still a blast. Still got to meet and talk to a lotta cool peeps.

Joe - We won't be at APE but we have the PayPal button up and runnin'. Loved your "gator carrying LA" piece!

gogopedro - He-Man's the man. Actually the villains were always much cooler. Thanks!

Justin - It was a pleasure. You and your brother had some of the freshest stuff to show. Really unique and a coupla great people to boot! Until next year for sure!

Seth - I got your book and I've loved it thoroughly :) Thanks for the trade and hope ya enjoy ours just the same! Thanks!