Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Iceage Fireman

A quick idea (that dragged on for days...) from Outsider Art last week:

Once I got the idea, this was the chronological string of doodles I did before gettin' dirty in the computer:
Rough pass on the firetruck. I went with the flat side view because I didn't want to figure out the dimensionality of the cylindrical volcano base and how it sat in the back of the truck.

Refinement pass.
First stabs at the cavman fireman holding the hose.

Then I thought maybe the caveman would be an actual primate.

I thought that was asking a lot from the audience though. "A monkey? Volcano? Firemen? Huh???" So I went back to a caveman.

First attempt at the second caveman trapped in firey ice. I tried to keep that bell body shape but ended up chaning it below.
New body shape, but in the end, I thought this guy was the weakest componet of the image. Up to this point, these drawings took me a little over 2 hours one day after work. I remember starting these tighter pencils on Sunday and it took a few more hours.
I didn't end up using these lines for the ice block shape, but I still like the look.
Look how many times I redrew the little lava puddle! Sheesh! I can get obsessive over certain things when I'm trying my best to make nice lines.

And back to where I started. I dreaded this one the most because of all the straight lines. I can't lay down a straight line in one shot. I have this nervous sketchy quality as I lay down the line. Over and over. Babying it and adjusting all the way. Then I might erase it and try again because the line got too thick in places.

From here I scanned everything, composited the pieces, and blocked out color in Flash.

Anyway, it's not often I'm able to keep my sketches coherent and pretty contained so I just thought I'd take this opportunity to show EVERY doodle that went into the final image.


Gnarfdeath said...

thanks for posting your process. I think its always cool to see how an idea evolves and blossoms into the final product. plus I enjoy looking at the energy and the rawness of the sketches. cool stuff!!

cidin said...

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i found very nice and very cool your work
god bless you

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net-net4 said...

Nice to see how you work...

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Alina Chau said...

THese are brilliant! Funny and animated!!

sean said...

Great Illo. i love to see the genesis of the whole thing. Colour treament is really fab.

Kevin Barber said...

Cool Bob . Love the process. Your honesty is appreciated.

Gary Ham said...

ha ha! Love the volcano in the back of the truck! brilliant! Great designs and block styled coloring.