Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Can you stand it!? The BEARS in the SUPERBOWL!!!
The last time I drew something relating to sports was probably during the '85 Superbowl with my crayons.

I'm a little let down by my color choices here though. I love orange, so that's not the problem - but maybe the bear coulda been more red or brown or something and the green grass and blue sky are pretty standard blah. I tried a lot of weird things and hot colors but I kept coming back to the colors of football in my mind.

Early on I intended on having the bear plowing through actual horses (colts) in jerseys. All my horses were very flat and posing them was a pain - those back legs always give me trouble. It was just easier to doodle up a buncha flailing bodies.

In closing:

"Who would win in a fight: God or Ditka?"
"Trick question Bob. Ditka is God. Daaaa Bears!"

-- The Superfans.



Jason said...

Sup Taco! Grachious for the comments. Never says "it might just be me" any more, promise me. I don't get enough crit, so much fluff. It'll help me work through my problems. See, I love that you posted the sketches that started your piece. I don't do enough of that. It would have helped me work out some of the bugs that you noticed.
Your bear has such weight. You can feel how insignificant the other players are. And NICELY done on the colors. Very rich fur color, but not so overdone that it's unreal. Dig the leftover sketch quality too.
Again, thanks for the comments. Don't hesitate in the future. It's a main part of why I started this whole blog thang anyway. Take it easy, and comments with you later!

Zorilita said...

Very nice detail on that illustration. =) Good job!

Dan Segarra said...

I like the black sketch of that circle faced guy looking at your drawings.

Alina Chau said...

that's a powerful great character!! Lots of attitude!!

boob said...

Thanks guys!

Dan - That circle guy is some sorta caterpillar guy Sam doodled for me. See all his tiny legs down there?

Alina - The most consistent leaver of comments in all of blogger. I will visit your blog right now :)

Jav said...

Awesome! I cant believe Ive been so outta the loop! I havent seen any of these and havent updated myself since before thanksgiving!!!
I hate not working for myself...
I must "crown their ass" on my BLOG.
Great job Bob! And I love your new "starter" nipples...

SteveLambe said...

Fucking awesome!!

arree said...

Hey Bob,

Sorry about them bears.... too bad Urlacher doesn't play QB. Do you think they'll keep Rex next year? They're so solid...except for him. I feel badly for him though, he's a nice guy and you always want them to suceed...

anyway, thanks for stopping my blog, i'm really impressed with yours! I enjoyed reading your about your conversation with Steve about drawing with a distinct style. I find myself, similar to you where I doodle and find stuff. I enjoy that alot, but I find it sometimes takes longer or more revisions to come out with solid drawings.

I just got a cintique, i love drawing on it but I don't know how to finish in photoshop yet. Would you give me any tips? Or is it just taking the time to clean everything up?

Alexei Martins said...

Hi Bob!
Amazing work!!!!
Love your art!!!You have a lot of AWESOME stuff here!!!!YEAH!!!

PS:I'll be back.

crylic said...

HAH!!! awesome man, i love that bear. Totally made me laugh out loud.

Cog Neeto said...

Sweet stuff man!

I'm sorry to you and the fans for losing the big game.



LĂȘA said...

Ey, Bob: I love your profile image too. Your perfect colours and compositions and the style of some of your characters (Gimme a hug, st.abe,etc...) is beautiful. Thanks for the very possitive comment. I will check this blog.

boob said...

Arree -

Hey thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I wish the Bears won, but I know the colts are a more deserving team.

I have yet to use a cintiq - I'm soooo jealous.

As far as finishing in Photoshop, well I tend to mix a lot of programs myself. Each program has its strengths and I tend to do a lot of my work in Flash. This Bears image was all colored in Flash and the pencil line was scanned in. Photoshop is good for quick tricks and layer effects, and Painter is great for a realitic media feel, and Flash is THEE best for flat work and blocking out shapes. So depending on how I want to polish up a drawing, I'll use a mix of all those programs. I'm definitely heavy on the flash side just because I'm drawn to flat stuff more than anything.

Maybe that helps? It's kinda vague I know - I'm not the biggest whizz when it comes to Photoshop :)

arree said...

Bob, you're the best. Thanks for the advice, I'm still fumblling around trying to figure out things so it's helpful to hear what others do. I love the cintique because it makes cleaning edges up in photoshop a ton easier. I have tried flash for some stuff, but I haven't used it that much.

i like your bunnies, they would be cute tshirts. :)