Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Paging Miss Page

Wow - it's been exacly a month since my last post! I hope the holidays treated everyone well. A lot has happened since Christmas and the January is already flying by.

Anyway, I didn't have much of an idea for how I wanted to treat this image of Miss Bettie Page. Clean in Flash? Roughed up a bit? Monochromatic? etc. I ended up liking the rough pencils but I started re-drawing her in Flash real clean like. I wasted my time there because I layed the pencils over top in the end so there was no need for perfect lines/shapes.

One thing I wanted to achieve from the beginning was to do the whole figure. I always seem to concentrate on the upper body of a character or I just run out of room for the legs. And because of that I feel my proportions are a bit weak. Just trying to make an effort to correct that I guess.

Below are the horrible rough poses that led up to my end piece. These drawings not only helped me find the pose, but it helped me find what felt right. At the start I imagined a seated pose or something where she was bent over or balled up - something contained or foreshortened. When I had 4 or 5 drawings to choose from it just came down to what I thought worked better for the image, the character. It's kinda hard to describe and it happens in your brain very quickly - how you're evaluating and making decisions and you don't even really know why. Or maybe ya do know why but you're not taking three times as long trying to put it into words for a blog :)


Anonymous said...

These are great drawings. You've captured Betty well.

Darryl Young said...

Happy New Year Boobster!
Your color work always blows me away!
Love the step-by-steps too, always cool to see the process.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work! The Miss Bettie Page looks great! I love how it blends so well with solid red background. Great step by step process. Inspiring work!


Anonymous said...

Awesome art buddy. The drawings are nicely provocative - just the way I'd expect out of Miss Paige.

The pencil line was a good choice here too. Did the cleaned up linework get completely discarded? Maybe I can check out the file...

Miah Alcorn said...

Looks great to me Bob! Very "Paige" that's for sure. Can't wait to see what you do next man. Later tater.

Zorilita said...

Very nice!

EAT AT JOE'S said...



joonasjoonas said...

Looks good! It's nice to see AND READ the progress. It would be cool to see the Flash clean up too, to compare.

Momo Strong said...

Hiya, Bob.
Howz it going?
Ok, I was gonna write about how great your illustration is, but that's such an obvious point. So I got a question for you instead.
Have you had any training in graphic design?
I've been looking at your book, and I like your sense of design in the pieces. I'm ashamed to say this, but I was once a graphic design major... Not too sure it shows in any way right now...
Well, see you around!

boob said...

Thanks everyone! Thanks for the encouragement. Always so nice to hear.

Momo -
Graphic design? Well I went to art school and I took the mandatory course or two about design my first year. It was definitely interesting stuff, and maybe it sunk in more than I know. I rely a lot on what feels right to me - what feels balanced, how the colors work together, the space around things, etc. And I guess that all comes from trial and error. I know they try to teach you a lot of "rules" and principles in school - and they always seem to apply - but I have a hard time consciously thinking about them when I'm working. And I suppose that's why so much of we do can look strange when we look back on it - even just a few days later. It's all your perception at the time of creation. I just hope to keep developing through more practice.
Thanks again for the kind words Momo. I'm grateful you even took the time to look at my book! Cute costumed teddy bear in your avatar by the way :)

boob said...

Oh - I meant to respond to Dave as well (even though it says "anonymous" for whatever reason):

The linework only got as clean as you see in the final pencil sketch - still multi-colored and rough. I thought I'd use that as my starting point and Flash her up. I wasn't redoing the linework in Flash though - just shapes of color and trying to put that extra refinement on them. So I Flashed up a good chunk of color on here then I started missing the quality the pencil line gave to the image. The messiness. So I plopped it on top. In hindsight, I didn't need to be so precise and clean with the colored shapes because once the linework was on top the vector appeal was no longer visible. If I had known from the beginning this was the look I wanted to achieve, I could have painted the color in more loosely in Photoshop or with a brush in Flash just to save time and brainstrain.

Dan Segarra said...

I like how this turned out Bob.

I'm not so keen on the butt shot one... for one, it's not my style. ;P But really I'm not diggin the face and how it feels like it's not really connecting properly to her body. But you didn't go with that one so it doesn't matter.

I actually really like the lying down pose as much as the one you chose. Any thoughts on finishing that one up as well?

Nice work Boobs.

boob said...

Thanks much Dan! I'm sure I subconsciously agree with what you're saying about the other pose. Maybe the emphasis on the butt was too much, the head/neck area could be thought out a bit more. The sketches are trial and error. It's like, "does this feel right (even if it's just rough) and do I feel like I can figure out the tough parts if it is a pose I like (ie: weird forshortening or angle to the head, etc.)

I do like the laying down pose quite a bit too. I didn't go that route because I wanted to feature the syringe and I couldn't find a good pose for that arm and hand. I felt it would be better if that arm was just resting on her thigh/knee. Also, I selfishly didn't want to draw whatever it is she's laying on. Perspective and geometry just isn't fun - especially when it's not as cartoony.

Thanks again Dan.

Over the last few days I've been looking back at this illustration and somethings are bothering me now. There's a lot I like about it so the little things I notice bother me more than usual.

Does anyone feel like her closest arm is too short?

Could her jacket read better the way it's falling off her shoulder. Is the jacket in general unclear? Less or more detail (wrinkles) perhaps?

ah, just little things that I don't wanna dwell too much.

*sigh* It's tough being an artist... :)

Dustin A. Foust said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I've enjoyed your work for awhile now. One of my favorites is Pirate Vs. Zombie thumb wrestling. Very nice!

Nelson Luty said...

Good Boob,Is a Great!!!!

Joe Heredia said...

Very cool. You really captured her personality, and the color makes the image just pop!

Philippe RISSETTO said...

Salut Bob,
Moi c'est Philippe, je déteste les piqûres, mais présenté comme ça... y-a plus de problême ;-)

Nelson Luty said...
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