Tuesday, November 21, 2006

St. Abe

St. Patrick's day + Abraham Lincoln's birthday = one tall drunk. Up top are the sketches that led to his design. Hopefully you can see the thought process from right to left. I remember wanting to start with the usual keyhole shape for the head but once I added the cheek bone and heavy brow that very graphic shape kinda melted away - which is cool cause that's usually how design works for me.

One time at work
Steve Lambe told me that he wanted to get to a point where he could do the drawing right the first time. Get so comfortable with a style and know exactly what to draw and visualize the poses and just execute. I remember saying that I didn't know if that would ever be possible. Lately though I wonder - I've seen plenty of artists pump out sketches that are gold right from the get go. And looking back at my warm up scribbles I wonder if it's a matter of practice and/or just different methods. Different processes. For me it really is like re-learning how to draw everytime I sit down to a project. I guess that's where the satisfaction is for me - working and redrawing til I see the shapes and lines turn into somethin' I like. Finding the groove every time. Hmmm...I wonder if I'd have any fun drawing if I had the golden touch at the start.

And that's my psycho-babble for the day :)


Edward said...

Love this version of Abe! That expression is priceless!

crylic said...

It takes me like 5 or 6 drawing to get to my destination, I don't want to pump out gold the first time everytime, wheres the fun in that. I like exploring character and seeing what pours out of the pencil after i've anwered a number of questions. Regardless, great Abe, love the colors and the road to get to the finished stuff, super inspiring man.

Alina Chau said...

This is AWESOME!

DJ Smack Mackey said...



DJ Smack Mackey said...

I'm sorry to inform you of this, Bob.


boob said...

Jeez...the He-Man movie got farther than I thought. I thought it was a rumor more than anything.

Regardless, I'm sure we'll all shed a tear tonight. Remember, we ALL have the power.

Kevin Barber said...

Hey Bob. The anecdotes you relayed about getting a drawing right the first time was interesting. I feel the way you do. I am definitely a multi-pass drawer. I really envy those that get it down the first time. I have to search among the scribbles.I am finally realizing that it's ok to have a different approach. That's where our uniqueness comes from.I also think that there are alot of artists out there who don't let on that they struggle.They don't want to be percieved as being weak.Anyway,...whatever gets the job done.Oh,..and i like your character illo.

SteveLambe said...

What? No keyhole head??!?!?

Guess I'm late to the party. Sorry, Boob! That's an amazing illustration Super solid design and colors. Love how vertically pushed he is too.People don't take advantage of height enough in design. Everything tends to be 3 heads high.

It's funny you mentioned that sketch talk we had because I had the same discussion with Jorge here the other day. He was telling me that he always spends time visualising the design in his mind first, then puts pencil to paper. Guess it's something Maurice Noble got him to practise when they were working on Timber Wolf.

It's a great idea since it makes you much more fast and efficent, but it never works for me. I'm doomed to be a sketch-explorer....like you Boobage. High five!!

Javi seems to be good at that though. You should breaks his fingers and then eat his brain. Hey...it works for Sylar on Heroes.