Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Ghetto Star Wars

Over at the Outsider Art Club the theme was "Ghetto Star Wars". I went a little more obscure with my character selection - I chose Dengar the Bounty Hunter who probably had 10 seconds of screen time and he's probably the least well known of the group. He always seemed like a pathetic oaf to me in toy form. I thought dressing him up with some of Jabba's dancers would be a nice gift for the mummified goon. So that was the thought. Plus I'd try to gansta him up with a gaudy neck chain and a hat. Let's be real - it was all just a ploy to draw some half-naked girls ;) Anyway, here's some development sketches leading up to the final image. Whenever I start drawing it's like I don't know how to draw at all. I hafta re-learn everytime I pick up the pencil. Like warming up I suppose but I'm usually pretty embarrassed at the start:

This first sketch doodled at work. I blew it up on the copy machine and this is a scan of that. The idea for the poses 'n' such came from a google image search for "Snoop Dogg". The guy in the top corner was an early idea for using Bossk instead of Dengar. Looks just like 'im don't it?

This is the first rough on the lightable. Working out the girls poses. The girl on the right was pretty much there from the beginning. Keeping her in profile made it easier for the face. The girl on the left was a pain because I wanted to do a 3/4 face to make her different. I'm still also trying to find the style or look. Her arm placement and leg length were issues.

Dengar enters the mix now. Working out his face and what will be seen of his armor. Threw in another girl head. I was trying for some sorta Power Puff Girls/Samurai Jack eyes. Very weird to say the least.

Another one. I remember thinking that maybe the head should be rounder. Sheesh...

Another pass on the whole gang. I was really liking everything now. I really just combined what I was doing with the girl's head to come up with something decent here. I didn't feel it til I got into the computer, but I kinda think the girls' legs are too short.

Here's another shot at Dengar's head. Wow. I kinda like this one better. At the time I remember really wanting to empasize his flabby jowels and it kinda contridicted his face all wrapped up. I just had to choose. I do like this more stylized version though.

And here's the final composite sketch in Photoshop. I drew things on different pages knowing I'd put 'em all together once they were scanned. It's kind of a weird habit - I get worried I'm gonna mess up the drawing when I'm tightening it up so I throw down another sheet of paper.
And here's the final:

I had specific ideas for the colors going into it: Chocolate browns and baby blue for the girls. I kinda missed the mark but I like this direction too. See how clever I am? Just lop off the girls legs and you'll never know if they were too short or not ;)

Oh, and here's an image of the real Dengar.


Next up is IG-88 sporting his Flava-flav duds. Just another quick idea I had that I wanted to contribute. Everything is pretty simple here. In a lot of ways this was more fun, and more satisfying than the Dangar image. An idea quickly turned around and easily readable with fun flat colors and shapes. Here's the quick run down:

Some very important RGB numbers there...

And there ya have it! Not as detailed as my "TV Dinner" post but hopefully ya still enjoyed it!


Animal Qwacker said...

I always knew Dengar was a smooth pimp.

Don Dixon's Blog said...

Great to see ur process! it came out wonderful!

K McLeod said...


I want to thank you for posting another "How ya did it" segment. It's like I'm back at Columbia College taking classes but this time a get this is how I did it aproach now let's see what you can do type thing, if that made any sence. Well I'm off to try this myself with the idea of starwars and ghetto style. Take care


Darryl Young said...

More sweetness Bob!
Really enjoy your step-by-steps.

Chris Battle said...


Man, if someone could put out a book of all the STAR WARS-inspired animator art shows, it'd be insane.

LauraBraga said...

Hi Bob!
your sketches are great!
the final result is amazing!!!
great blog!!!


PixelCreatures said...


It's always interesting to see the creative process behind a masterpiece.

Bravo!!! Bravissimo!!!!

Anonymous said...

freaking sweeeet!! I love seeing the progression from ruffs to final.. Great poses and drawing.

Alina Chau said...

THese are awesome, the best is to see your work in progress as well!! great posting!

DJ Smack Mackey said...

what, no breakdown for St. Lincoln's Day?