Monday, March 27, 2006

It's been over a month!?

Cripes! I have no excuses for not posting and for that I could be going to hell. Actaully, I switched jobs about a month ago and it's taken me a little while to settle back in. A little San Diego planning too. Plus I managed to find an Xbox 360 last week so all productivity has gone out the window recently. Neat stuff them games.

Anywho, I dug up some stuff for a video game I worked on called "Zathura" based on the movie. The ball started rolling on the game just as the movie started production. I was helping with a little concept work for the game. Basically, we only had a script to work from for a while and the early idea was to adopt a real cartoony feel for the game. We were envisioning Jax and Daxter or Ratchet and Clank. I was pretty psyched about that. So below is my take on the two main boys in the movie/game. I was just guessing with their physical design because there was no reference to go from. Pretty interesting to compare these guys to the kids in the film and ultimately the final stuff in the game.

Then we got word back that the publisher didn't like the cartoony feel... These were real kids in after all - why try to make it fun? *insert eye roll here* I understood their concerns though - wanting to adhere to the look of the actors and make use of as much of the movie visuals as possible. And realistically - to get the project done on time we were gonna mocap all the animation so it just didn't make sense to go with the cartoony look. Frustrating. In response to that, I was asked to whip up realistic concepts of the boys late one Friday afternoon. By then we had photos of the actors. These are horribly embarassing... I tried to tie in cartoony elements (larger proportions, strange hand design) and paint it up (something else I don't do very well) for this rush job. Here's what happens when I don't have time to think and/or care :)

After that, they naturally wanted to see something inbetween the cartoony and "realistic" versions. Below is my modified Danny character in modelsheet form. The modelsheet was my subtle way of saying "we need to model this now if we're gonna get your game done on time"At the same time I was working on various creatures and environment ideas. Concept was never really more developed than what you see in this post in order to meet our milestones. So here's some doodles of the "dead planet" which was one of the levels in the game. It was actually fun drawing rocks for a couple days :) Some neat shapes came out of it but I don't really think the player gets a real grand view of the environment - feels more enclosed like you're in a cave.

So we weren't able to go forward on our early ideas and we really had no time to develop the look/design of the game. A bit frustrating, but I still got to draw and do some character work. Stuff I was proud to contribute.


Dave Pryor said...

Hey Bob-O,

Yeah - It's been a while hasn't it. Nice post though - interesting to see the game stuff you've been involved with. Your first characters are leaps better than the more realistic take. The version of the real characters has that soul-less look that only comes from something that isn't as fun to do. Anyway, back to that 360 young man!

Jasmin said...

Hey Bob-O,

Nice Model Sheet!

Sammy Chu ^_^ said...

chee! these are kick ass designs!


I wonder if the 3-d modelers over there can replicate your drawings.

But then I wouldn't be surprised if they couldn't.

Jason Dai said...

Wow, excellent work, Bob. Those drawings were worth the wait.

Miah Alcorn said...

Hey Bob...looks like it was a fun project that got watered down like most of them unfortunately do. Some really nice rock drawings in there, so those were nifty cool to check out. Lookin' forward to the next post man.

Lamont said...

Great work! You know, we're quite similar, you and I... I found your blog through a common friend's blog. Check out my new blog if you like and see how creepily similar our profiles are.