Friday, February 24, 2006

Decomposed Sugar Limbs

This was a super fun project for 1313 Midnite Kreepshow I did recently! Check 'em out for some wayback monsterism. If all goes well, the coffee table book will be called "Cereal Killers" and it's gonna feature a buncha twisted cereal mascots from artists like Derek Yaniger and Jay Stephens. I'm lookin' forward to seein' everyone's stuff! I'll keep ya posted and letchya know when and where you nab a copy. A wrap around cover, a section of artist sketches - the whole shebang!

I also decided on the first version here. Those are the original colors. I really like the warmer one though. Colors clash a little but it feels aged by the sun. I thought it best to go with my original vision though.


Rob Corley said...

I really like these man! Nice art/design and find the Bling cracks me up!

Kevin Barber said...

Just fantastic. You captured it.

donnachada said...

Ha, looks like loads of fun Bob.

Dave Pryor said...

I can't wait to see the book - sounds lie a great subject matter -

I hope it's as good as the "Garbage Pail Kids Movie" ;)

Also, If you have any advice on how to get involved on a book project like this - I'm really interested. I'd like to try something that involves one piece of art that other artists work on too.

Animal Qwacker said...
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Animal Qwacker said...

I actually have a Sugar Bear all sketched out for this and on the brink of being colored.
And he's eating someone!
Who knew anyone else would remember Sugar Bear?
Seriously, this did turn out really nice though.
Ah well, back to the drawing board for me. D'oh!

Doktor Viktor Von Kreep said...

Hey Bob,
Once again this Sugar Limbs pin-up is way bad ass!
Can't wait to get this book done so folks can enjoy
all of the ghoulish mascots. If you know anyone that wants to contribute a pin-up send them to

Your pal,

Von Kreep

UrbanBarbarian said...

These are great! Serve me up a bowl! [ 0f ceral...! ]

Animal Qwacker said...

Well Bob, I finished my Sugar Bear anyway. Just in case, I did a Lucky the Leprachaun as well. See whatchoo think.

BLECHA! said...

Hey Bob

Found your blog by searching for "Cereal Killers". I just finished my illustration for the book and wanted to see if I could dig up anyone else's artwork. I found a bunch of artists and they all look excellent!

Yers is one of my favs so far. Rabid Bear is bad ass! Really dynamic shapes all around. You had fun with the fonts too. THe red tips on the fork is a nice touch as well.

Can't wait for the book!

Glad I found your blog. Will check back soon.

Dan Segarra said...

Nice design man!

Darryl Young said...


warren said...

HAHAHA! Yuck. I think you were right in going in with your first idea, no fading.

animal qwacker - don't worry too much if there's repeating cereal brands. Everyone's got their own take, it seems.

Bob, this is wicked. Sugah Bear's crazy delicious.

Bored@Home said...

Wow i just stumbled into your blog and this is amazing, you are very talented.

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