Monday, December 12, 2005

Portfolio Review

I made it on to the Portfolio Review blog a little while ago (Thanks for the extra push Jav!) Check it out here:

boob dribble

Here's your one and only chance to bore yourself numb with my interview nonsense. Sorry the formatting is screwed up - that was all the wordwrapping in notepad's fault and in no way was it my own...

By the way, I'm continuing to dig up work to post until I have something I'm happy with in color for the project. Page 5 pencils should wrap up tomorrow. It kinda slowed down for me cause I was hit hard with a loada work this week.


Jav said...

Yeah, ya see Bob-O,
Any chump can get on that thing!
Welcome to the chumpy family!
Nice interview, i like He-man too.

Dave Pryor said...

Bob - Awesome.

How do you get interviewed on this site? Very cool to see.

Anyway, you are a big inspiration to me. I really respect your home grown natural talent - which shows just how far you can go with no formal training - basicly teaching yourself as you observe the world.

Animation timing is spot on and your design is always refreshing.

You're one of the best.

rngnt99 said...

Hey Bob thank you for stopping by my site too.
I'm from the Mid West but right now i'm working in Buffalo, NY and theres not much here either.
I love the real basic shapes of your characters and the coloring are very inspirational. So keep it up man!!!