Saturday, December 17, 2005

Noseless wonders!

Pinups this week! There's some parts I wanna fix if I get around to cleaning them up in Flash but I was pretty happy working on these. I'd like to keep it simple with some nice thick n' thin lines in Flash and a splash of color and sorta make a series out of 'em.

I included the initial sketches because I liked some of the looseness of the sketch lines compared to the clean up with a few of 'em. And plus you can see a bit of the thought process.

I wanna hear which is your favorite! At work I was real interested to hear which ones people liked the best and why so lemme hear it! They're also numbered the order in which I drew them.










Dave Pryor said...


#2 has the most appeal to me - probably because it feels the most innocent, and is fairly simple. The flower in the hair does a lot too.

I also like #6 - a pretty strong pose there.

And #7 has potential - but something about the hands. Maybe if the fingers weren't as curvy on the tops. Maybe fuller hair. The light sketch implies more mystery on this one.

Look like excellent Comc-Con collectibles!

boob said...

There's always a big balance for me when I'm drawing. How far is too far or not enough when I'm concentrating on lines and more of a graphic image. Do I break the illusion, the look, the feel if I actually draw the knuckles? In #7's case, I thought so. Her pointer finger bothers me the most. Looks like a leaf or a vine er somethin'...

Kyle Marshall said...

#'s 4, 1 and 6 are my favorite. Nice line, and very cool simple design.
i really like the hair, and poseing in number 4.
And i dont know why, but i love her right leg in number 1.

Jason Dai said...

Woohoo~ The poses are great, very nice work. I should get back with the blue pencil.

Serapio Calm said...

I love #5! Not only because it's not the typical standing pose but also because I'm a "butt" kinda guy.

Chuck said...

They are all really great but my pick is #6! I dig that classic sexy pose, plus I just love how her hair flows off her right arm... very nice!

Awesome line works!

Closet Space said...

Really cute! I think my fav is... hmmm either 1 or 5.... I'm going with 1.

plati said...


Great work throughout, just found your blog through the character design blog, really great stuff!
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Don Dixon's Blog said...

Great stuff man! I have to say I am a fan of number 4, the pose is very sssssexy and also I have a week spot for girls with cute faces and short hair, it all started with halle berry. :) Great Stuff!

Chris Battle said...

I like #4 & #5; A little more unique than the usual pin-up poses you see out there.

Jeff Williams said...

#6 and #7 homey! That's where the money is. #6 because, well, look at it.

#7 is awesome because of that great line going all the way down the back. It's a great silhouette.

St John Street said...

thanks for stopping by earlier I like the girls good stuff

Dan Segarra said...

Look at THESE chickies. #6 is the best pose hands down... that's right Bob, HANDS DOWN.

St John Street said...

just hoping to c more HOT girls oh well, happy new year's and all that good stuff

boob said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone! People seem to favor #6. Pretty interesting. I guess I'm just strange then because it's not in the top 3 for me.

Hope the New Year is fulla new projects and art related stuff for everybody! Time to get back in the swing of things.

ES said...

Bob, I love these. I wish I could draw sexy girls like that. My pick would be #5 but that's probably because I have a thing for backs and shoulders. But I like #2 as well, it feels very graphic (flat like, not the other kind ^.^;) to me, probably because of the flower.

Sammy Chu ^_^ said...

I personally like #4!!!

oooh---> SEXY!

Kristian Antonelli said...

so gorgeous.. i want to draw like u..
fabulous stuff mister