Friday, November 18, 2005

Wacom love...?

So I've been a mouse guy my whole life. Yes, I just love drawing (and redrawing)things with that electronic bar of soap. Never really got the hang of the tablet. I gave it a good try yesterday though. I came out with some decent results as far as cleaning up part of a drawing in Flash. Problem is, my work flow is already ingrained. The ability to quickly add and remove shapes and/or lines just ain't there with the tablet. I know it's different, but I can't seem to operate as quickly or with as much control as I'd like to. I also love piling on the layers in Flash and flattening them down as I need to knowing lines and color shapes are still easily removable.

It's still just a different tool that I'll use for it's advantages when I need them. Whenever I want that hand drawn look or something more scribbly in Flash I can use it. Maybe I just prefer a cleaner look with precise control. I dunno. Plus a tablet's probably more suited for painting anyway.

So if any youse guys out there have some clean up tips for the Wacom in Flash I'm all ears!

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jerry P said...

when is someone going to ask you to do tv or movies - frickin sweet stuff man - you know I am a huge fan.