Monday, October 24, 2005

I'm not a violent person really...

All artwork © 2005-forever Bob Rissetto

Here's the final design. A co-worker had asked for some art for an album cover to his band and this is the imagery he had in mind. There was actually a lot more he suggested but I toned it down considerably and tried to balance just a few of the elements. It's supposed to have this underlying commentary about consumerism and how everything is disposable in our society - even your pets (man's best friend). I don't usually think about symbolism in my art so I'm not sure if any of that comes across. Maybe it just feels just more like a graphic picture. I did listen to his music (electronica type stuff is my best description) as I was working on it but I don't know if it influenced me or not. Kept me in the mood though. I just hope he thinks it's at least a pretty picture :)


Bobby Chiu said...

I caught the meaning right away and I think it's an awesome piece.

Jeff Williams said...

Wow, very cool. I think I like the top version better. It's colder and more callous and seems to hit home the point a bit more. Cheers to tossing your best friend in the meat grinder.

Alina Chau said...

This is awesome!! I love the design ... it's funny too!! HA!! HA!!

Alina Chau said...

This is awesome!! I love the design ... it's funny too!! HA!! HA!!

ChewBloggers said...

hey boob!!!
thanks for comin by chewblog and for kindness that spreads wide and far...*ehem*
anyway yes i think you may have...those were the days...your blog is so full of diverse stuff from one hand...great collection of stuff!!!

i love the mention of LEENDA earlier on in the blog...she was (is i guess) i dear


Gerald said...

Good luck with this. I hope they go for it as thier cover. It turned out really nice. The color palette is great. If they approve it, can you keep up posted on the CD/group title? Thanks.

ES said...

Hahaha, That's awesome Bob. I like the version with the warm colors better, personal preference, but the cool colors version would likely make a better statement, and then the blood is more striking.

You always have such cool art posted. I too really liked the Leenda piece, but I couldn't comment then... ^.^;

Dave Pryor said...

Hey Bob,

It was fun to imagine this piece when you mentioned it to me, and it looks similar to the picture in my head.

My favorite part is how you did the buildings in the BG. The sky forms a shape around the factory building - makes the building "glow" in an indirect way.

I like the greener hues myself - also for accenting the blood.


DJ Smack Mackey said...

Sick, boy!! You're Sick!!
But good job! Just don't go near my dog at the party. :)

boob said...

Thanks fellow artisians :)
Gerald - I do hope to post a link when/if the band uses my art so people can see and hear the tunes. Just not sure when that'll happen.

Kevin Barber said...

Hey Robear,

Just wanted to say that i've always liked the work i've seen from you.Great design and color sense.I also absolutely love your Flash animations. You've got it down sir.

( I don't know if your choosing between the 2 versions you did,..but i prefer the magenta version.The 2nd of the posts.)

Dave Pryor said...


I changed my mind. I like the warmer Robot building more.

Just goes to show you can't put a box of crayons in my hands. I go back and forth on color all the time.

I keep looking and looking - and see different things. I think the magenta overall has a friendlier feel to it. The contrast works well. It seems appropriate because it looks like fun initially, but then you're suckered in and realize the horror that's really going on. I must have been in a green mood the other day :)


kcirbuk said...

nice work!!